Any individual or institution having professional interest in irrigated agriculture or involved in academics, research or professional works involving PIM as part of their active engagements, is eligible for membership of INPIM-Nepal.

In order to obtain membership of INPIM-Nepal Chapter, an eligible individual or institution has to fill up the Membership Form and register in the INPIM-Nepal Office by paying the required fee and submitting one passport and auto size photographs.  INPIM provides Membership Certificates to all its life members.

Membership fee is NRs 500 and NRs 2,000 respectively for annual and lifetime individual membership respectively and it is NRs 5,000 for institutional membership.

As a member of INPIM-Nepal, one can join hands in the international mission of fostering participatory irrigation management. The members get the opportunity to gain from national and international experiences that are shared through different means. It also gives the members opportunity to share their experiences with others through different platforms, such as talk programs, seminars, workshops and symposia.  The specific benefits can be as under:

  • Members will be circulated newsletters and various useful material related to participatory irrigation management both nationally and internationally.
  • Members will be invited to talk programs in different topics that will be organized by INPIM Nepal from time to time.
  • Members will get the opportunity to participate in seminar, workshop and training courses organized by INPIM Nepal.
  • Members will be offered the opportunity to share their experiences through talk programs, paper presentation in INPIM seminars and through publications made by INPIM Nepal.
  • INPIM Nepal has its closed group of members of INPIM Nepal in the Facebook. Members can share their ideas with other members through the facebook.  

Ongoing Research Projects