President's Message

Suman Sijapati

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to our website. We see it as a platform for us to share our ideas and activities and get your feedback.

INPIM Nepal is working for promoting participatory management in the field of water resources in Nepal. Towards this end, we have been networking with national and international agencies working in this field. We also conduct research works for the development of new knowledgebase. Similarly, we also conduct trainings, workshops, talk programs, seminars and symposiums and for information dissemination.

We will continue this effort of dissemination of best practices of participatory irrigation management and irrigation management transfer, as well as the support to the water users associations with challenges like climate change and reduction in the availability of water for agriculture which is expected to affect the irrigation sector more and more in future.

Recently, we have been striving hard to expand our activities. Consorted efforts are being made both in terms of expanding our membership and enhancing the involvement of our members in the various relevant activities. We urge all of you who have not yet taken membership to please do so and join hands with us in promoting participatory irrigation management in Nepal.

Finally, I would like to mention here that we not only promote participatory irrigation management but would also like to be as participatory as possible in all our activities. Hence, your involvement and inputs are of immense value for us. We would thus like to request all of you to regularly write to us provide your valuable comments and suggestions

Suman Sijapati

Ongoing Research Projects