The Statute of INPIM Nepal, 2058(2001)


This Statute has been framed with the objective of directing the activities of INPIM Nepal because it has been thought necessary and timely to establish this organization in order to integrate the individuals and organizations which directly and indirectly involve in or are interested in the irrigation development works being conducted in the Kingdom of Nepal; to promote actual public participation in irrigation development; to carry out sustainable and reliable irrigation works by away of public participation in irrigation management; to help poverty alleviation programs having increased agricultural productivity by way of timely irrigation management; to work also as Nepal National Chapter of INPIM international, established in international level even by His Majesty's Government as well, with necessary coordination with INPIM international; and to conduct various activities of participatory irrigation management.

The Statute Approved on 2058/5/12 B.S. (Aug. 28, 2001 A.D.) by District Administration Office, Kathmandu.

Chapter –1


1.    Short-title, extension and commencement:

1.1.     This Statute may be cited as the \"Statute of INPIM Nepal, 2058(2001)\". This organization may be called as \"International Network on Participatory Irrigation Management, Nepal and in short, it may be called \"INPIM Nepal\"

1.2.     This Statute shall be registered at His Majesty\'s Government as per the prevailing Nepal Laws.

1.3.     There shall be no hindrance for this INPIM Nepal to carry out its functions in accordance with the Statute even until it is registered at His Majesty\'s Government.

1.4.     INPIM Nepal may, upon the decision of the executive committee, be affiliated to the Social Welfare Council.

1.5.     This Statute shall come into effect from the date of registration the organization.

1.6.     The seal and logo of the organization shall be as set out in schedules 1 and 2.

2.    Definition: Unless subject or context otherwise require, in this Statute:

2.1.     \"Statute\" means the fundamental low of INPIM International.

2.2.     \"General meeting\" means a meeting of the persons getting the membership under chapter 3.

2.3.     \"Committee\" means the executive committee of INPIM Nepal constituted under chapter 5.

2.4.     \"Sub-Committee\" means a sub-constituted by general meeting or executive committee in order to execute the objectives of this Statute.

2.5.     \"Rules\" means the rules framed by executive committee in order to execute the objectives and programs set out in the Statute.

2.6.     \"Local authority\" means the Chief District Officer.


Establishment, Objectives and Programs

3.    Establishment of INPIM Nepal:

3.1.     The office of INPIM Nepal shall be located in Kathmandu

3.2.     The symbolic logo of INPIM Nepal shall be as prescribed by the executive committee.

3.3.     INPIM Nepal shall be an autonomous, independent social organization with perpetual succession. It may, like an individual, acquire, hold and transfer movable and immovable property. It may, like an individual, sue and a case may be filed against it like an individual.

3.4.     There shall be a separate seal of INPIM Nepal.

3.5.     Working area of INPIM Nepal shall be throughout the Kingdom of Nepal.

3.6.     INPIM Nepal may, in order attain its objective, maintain contact or work together with various types of organizations and may take membership of such organizations.

3.7.     INPIM Nepal shall, while conducting its programs in various districts within the Kingdom of Nepal, obtain approval from the Chief District Officer of the concerned district as per the prevailing laws.

3.8.     The annual account of income and expenditure and progress report shall be forwarded to the District Administration Office and also to the Social Welfare Council after affiliation.

4.    Objectives: Subject to the laws in force, the objectives of this organization shall be as follows:

4.1.     The main objective of the organization shall be to assist in the area of participatory irrigation management through the means of human resource and exchange of ideas and through trainings. Other objectives of the organization shall be as follows:

(a)     To transmit and distribute news, feature articles, dialogue, journals, interviews, interaction published by various national and international unions and associations on participatory irrigation management,

(b)     To organize seminars, workshops conferences and meetings relating to participatory irrigation management and to exchange ideas about it,

(c)     To collect opinions and suggestions from subject experts, to organize trainings and to exchange training materials,

(d)    To launch such additional programs as are helpful in nature for the development of participatory irrigation management,

(e)     To organize co-operative programs having established appropriate contact and relationship in international level


Chapter –3

Membership of INPIM Nepal

5.    Obtaining Membership:

5.1.     Any person, consumers organization, non-governmental organization (including consumers federation) and governmental authorities relating to irrigation and agriculture that is interested in programs relating to participatory irrigation development and management and in irrigated farmland and willing to become a member of general meeting of this organization may,  by filling in application firm the prescribed along with the prescribed membership fee. The members which are required to renew the membership must renew it in the month of Shrawan each year.

5.2.     The fees for membership and renewal may be changed in accordance with the decision of the executive committee.

5.3.     The person paying an amount of Rs. 2,000/-(two thousand rupees) in lump sum may be conferred the life membership of INPIM Nepal.

5.4.     The person and organization paying an amount of Rs.500/-(five hundred) and of Rs.2000/-(two thousand) respectively may be conferred the membership of INPIM Nepal and such members shall renew their membership having paid the annual membership fee.

5.5.     In cases of organizational membership, while renewing the membership, evidences shall be produced that the organization is regular one (Obtained renewal as may be necessary and so on). In case it is not renewed within six months, the membership shall ipso facto be ceased.


General Meeting

6.    Convening General Meeting
6.1.     Normally, the general meeting shall be convened within three months from completion of a fiscal year. The general meeting may be convened in any other time if required.

6.2.     In case twenty five percent of the total members make a written request, the secretary shall convene the general meeting within one month from the date of receipt of the request.

6.3.     The quorum for the general and executive committee meetings shall be fifty one percent of the total members.

6.4.     In order for convening general meeting, the secretary shall, as per order of the president, notify the date, time and venue of the meeting at least fifteen days in advance and publish the notice of the same.

6.5.     In case the general meeting could not be convened on the prescribed date for want of quorum, the general meeting shall be convened again and if thirty five percent of the total members in present, it shall constitute the quorum.

6.6.     President of the executive committee shall be the ex-officio president of the general meeting.

6.7.     In absence of the president, the vice-president of the executive committee and in absence of him, the person designated by the general meeting shall preside over the general meeting.

7.    Functions Duties and Powers of General Meeting:

7.1.     To elect the executive committee as provided for in this statute,

7.2.     To approve annual budget and programs

7.3.     To appoint auditor and approve the auditor\'s report,

7.4.     To approve the appointment of advisors,

7.5.     To approve the subjects introduced by the executive committee,

7.6.     To amend the statute on the recommendation of the executive committee,

7.7.     To elect representatives for the Board of Directors of INPIM international as per the statute of that organization.


Executive Committee

8.    Formation of Executive committee

8.1.     The General meeting shall elect an executive committee comprising of the following officials

8.1.1   President

8.1.2   Vice-president

8.1.3   Secretary

8.1.4   Joint Secretary

8.1.5   Treasure

8.1.6   Six members in maximum

8.2.     The General Meeting shall, in order to elect the executive committee, nominate a three-member election committee from the members of the general meeting. The election committee so formed shall elect the execute committee in accordance with the procedures developed by itself.

8.3.     The terms of office of the executive committee shall be of three years.

8.4.     In case where the executive committee could not be formed in the prescribed time for any reason, the existing executive committee shall continue to act for another three months.

8.5.     In cases where any post falls vacant before expiry of the term of office, the post so fallen vacant shall be fulfilled for the remaining period by the decision of majority of the executive committee from amongst the ordinary members.

8.6.     The ad. hoc. committee constituted before coming into force of this statute shall be deemed to have been constituted in accordance with this statute.

9. Termination from Executive committee

9.1.     If one is absent for three consecutive times in the meeting of the executive committee without appropriate and reasonable causes without a prior notice;

9.2.     If the resignation tendered by the president of the executive committee is approved by the majority of the executive committee.

9.3.     If the resignation tended by other officials of the executive committee is approved by the president;

9.4.     If a no confidence motion against any official is passed by the two third majority of the members present at the general meeting.

9.5.     If one ceases to become a member of this organization.

10. Procedures of Meeting:

10.1. Normally, a meeting of the executive committee shall be held for once in every three months, and more meeting may be held according to the needs.

10.2. Quorum for the executive committee shall be 51 percent of the total number of members.

10.3. The president shall preside over meeting of the executive committee. In his absence, the vice president shall preside over and if he is also absent, the person designated by the executive committee shall preside over the meetings.

10.4. It shall be the responsibility of the President to conduct meetings smoothly and his order shall be binding for all

11. Functions, Duties and Powers of Executive Committee:

11.1. To introduce annual report in general meeting having launched programs as per the annual budget and programs;

11.2. The executive committee may form sub-committees for various purposes as may be necessary. Similarly, the functions carried out by sub-committees shall be as may be carried out by INPIM Nepal. It shall be the duty of the sub-committees to carry out the functions as per the directives and guidelines of the executive committee.

11.3. To execute the decision of the general meeting,

11.4. To obtain membership of various national as well as international organizations of similar nature as per the decisions of the executive committee and to bear the responsibilities of a member of those organization.

12. Functions, duties and Powers of officials of Executive Committee

12.1. President:

(a)    The president shall be chief executive of the committee,

(b)    In order to attain the objectives of this statute, the President shall perform his job responsibilities with the sense of devotion and dutifulness,

(c)     To call and preside over the meetings of the executive committee and the general meeting,

(d)    To carryout other functions prescribed by the general meeting and the committee,

(e)    To cause other members to work having made job division amongst them.

12.2. Vice President: To carry out all functions of president in his absence


12.3. Secretary:

(a)    To call general meetings and meetings of the executive committee as per order of the President and to record the minutes of meetings in a serial order.

(b)    To prepare annual budget and program with the cooperation of treasure and to introduce them in meeting of the executive committee.

(c)     To well-manage the transaction of business of the office of INPIM Nepal in consultation with the President.

(d)    To carry out all other functions prescribed by the General meeting and executive committee.


(a)    To maintain the real and intact record of accounts of income and expenditure,

(b)    To prepare annual budget and programs in consultation with secretary and to introduce it at meetings of the executive committee,

(c)     To collect the monthly statement of income and expenditure of the sub-committees formed under INPIM Nepal and to introduce them in the meetings of the executive committee,

(d)    To carry out other functions prescribed by the general meeting and the executive committee.

12.5. In absence of the treasurer, all of his functions shall be carried out by any member designated by the executive committee.

12.6. Member: To carry out the functions prescribed by the meeting, the committee or the president.


Fund of Committee

13.    Provision of Fund:

13.1.The Committee shall have the separate fund.

13.2.The fund shall consist of the following amount\'s

(a)    amount collected as membership fee

(b)    amount of assistance or grant received from any person or national or international organization or from government.

Provided that while getting any assistance from foreigner or foreign organization or government, a prior approval of His Majesty\'s shall be obtained as per law.

13.3. All amount received to the committee shall be deposited at a bank having opened an account. However, for daily transaction of the committee, an amount not exceeding Rs.5000/- may be kept as cash.

13.4. A bank account may be opened making it operational by joint signature of the president and treasurer.

13.5. An amount not exceeding Rs.2,500/- (two thousand five hundred) may be expended at the written order of the president at once. In case of need of expending the more amount, it shall be done as per the decision of the majority of the members of the executive committee.


Accounts and Auditing

14.    Accounts of INPIM Nepal: The accounts shall be maintained as prescribed by the executive committee.

15.    Auditing of Accounts of INPIM Nepal: The general meeting shall appoint an auditor recognized as per the prevailing law in order to audit the accounts of the fund.

The auditor shall audit the accounts of the fund and submit the report thereof to the executive committee. The committee shall discuss on the report so submitted and introduce it before the general meeting for its approval.



16.    Appointment of Auditor: The executive committee may appoint the person making significant contribution in order to attain the objectives of INPIM Nepal as an advisor and the decision appointing the Advisor shall be approved by the general meeting.

17.    Terms of Office: The term of office of Advisor shall be as prescribed by the general meeting.

Provided that such term of office shall not be less than three years.

18.    Rules May be Framed: The executive committee may, in order to execute the objectives of this statute, frame such rules as would not be inconsistent to the main objectives of the statute. The rules so framed shall be deemed to have been framed by the general meeting and such rules shall be notified at the time of general meeting.

19.    Amendment of the Statute: Only the general meeting shall have power to amend the statute and only the two third majority of the general meeting may amend it.

20.    Power to frame the Statute: A statute Draft Committee shall be formed from a meeting of ordinary members of INPIM Nepal. Upon adoption of the draft of the statute so prepared by the general meeting,  it  shall be the statute of INPIM Nepal and the functions carried out until the general meeting is held shall be deemed to have been carried out under this statute.

21.    Recognition of Actions taken so far: The actions taken so far by the ad-hoc committee of INPIM Nepal shall be deemed to have been taken under this statute.

22.    Fiscal Year: The fiscal year of His Majesty\'s Government shall be the fiscal year of this organization as well.

23.    Transfer of Property of the Committee: In case this committee is dissolved for any reason whatsoever, its movable and immovable property shall ipso facto be devolved on His Majesty\'s Government.

24.    Invalidity: In case any provision of this statute is inconsistent with the Nepal laws in force, such provision shall, to the extent of inconsistency, be void.

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